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Crash Bandicoot 3 - Warped

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Comodo joe написал(а):
Comodo joe написал(а):

a kak ti prosdhol bombers i podvodnii mir ,pomogi tsem smozesh



bandicoot написал(а):


net eto gde nado sbivat samoleti,derezabli eto tsepuha posravneniju s samoletami



Значит память уже начала подводить :) На эмульке играешь, или через консоль? Зачем спрашиваю, просто хотел взглянуть на скрин...



sam написал(а):

По поводу водных - ничем помочь не могу, так как там все "бездумно" проходится. А на вторых самолетах надо покрутиться вокруг часов, пока за вашу стартовую позицию не подлетит самолет. А дальше все будет просто, как фарш в тесте!



Comodo joe
spasibo!s samoletami



Я прошёл эту зону{на самолётах}на золтой  релик и собрал камень :cool:



я в варпед всё прошёл но игра лишь пройдена на 104% :(



а я пока что игру прошёл 89%( :(

Отредактировано Crash Bond (2006-07-30 18:57:54)



ураааа!прошёл на 105% нашёл тот уровень который не доконца прошёл



напиши пожалуйста время за которое надо пройти уровни чтобы получить сапфировый, золотой и платиновый реликты.



Специально по твоей просьбе. Ко времени, за которое нужно пройти уровень, чтобы достичь того или иного результата, прилагаются советы, как можно ухитриться, чтобы это проделать:


Level 1: Toad Village
Sapphire 1:03:00- You have to be a pro to beat this, just kidding this
relic is a sinch. Don't worry if you miss a box or two.

Gold 0:57:53- This is possible to get without the running shoes. Try to
get all the boxes though. Invincibility is not required.

Platinum 0:44:06- At the beginning stand right in front of the lake and
shoot the clock behind you. Don't spin the Aku Aku boxes since you can't
get invincibility and get all the time boxes, this is the first level I
got platinum on besides levels 31 & 32. I got a time of 0:41:13 here.

Developer Time 0:39:93- The only hint I know on how to beat this is, run
along the sides, like run on the left side when the path turns left, and
the right side, when the path turns right..

Level 2: Under Pressure
Sapphire 1:46:00- Very easy. Get in, get out, get on to the next level.

Gold 1:17:93- This is actually kinda hard. Get all the time boxes you can
and turbo boost on jet sub and you should get it.

Platinum 1:10:50- This might take some restarting due to the electric
spinning things, but if you just always turbo boost in the jet sub when you
can, also at the beginning you should wait for about 3 seconds so the shark
will be on the other side when you go down to get the 1 sec. time box. My
time is now 1:06:60

Developer Time 0:57:83- This is impossible i think.

Level 3: Orient Express
Sapphire 0:41:00- If you can't get this then turn off the game right now.

Gold 0:27:80- Really easy to beat. Just use the speed boost most of the
level and get as many time boxes as you can.

Platinum 0:18:10- This is pretty hard at first but just remeber to try
and always keep jumping it saves time, also when you get to the first
part where you have to jump off of the ramp thing and land on the top
of the building where there will be a 1 sec. and a 3 sec. time box, you
can just jump from the ground straight up onto the building if you find
the right spot, I usually have about 0:09:76 or 0:09:80 at that point.
Also at the very end where you jump off the ledge onto the end part of
the level, don't jump! let the game just do it for you, cause if you jump
you'll end up jumping even higher which wastes more time. My time on this
level is now 0:17:03!

Developer Time 0:16:96- This is pretty hard... I'm only 7 milliseconds away!

Level 4: Bone Yard
Sapphire 1:45:00- Really easy, no need for running shoes.

Gold 1:40:21- Get the running shoes and well RUN. Get all time boxes, you
can. Also gat invincibility.

Platinum 1:21:00- This time can be gotten really easy,just make sure you
know the path pretty good and get invincibility, my time on this level is
1:14:63! developer time.

Developer Time 1:15:36- There's a trick for this, the thing is you don't
get invincibility! At the part where you would normally have it just jump
over all the grass, Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy.

Level 5: Makin' Waves
Sapphire 1:08:00- Pretty easy,if you miss a box don't freak out.

Gold 0:58:23- A little hard. Get all the boxes and you should do fine.

Platinum 0:53:26- Get all the boxes, and use the last two Aku masks to
blast through the bombs, my time is 0:51:86

Developer Time 0:50:66- This is very hard, but at the beginning there
is a time box that you should skip actually, at the part where you just
got the first time box right on the ramp, hang a sharp left and go through
the first orb thing and just head straight to the ramp right ahead of you
don't bother getting the 1 sec. time box in between the line of boxes.


Level 6: Gee Wiz
Sapphire 1:35:00- This is pretty easy, aren't they all! Just run and get

Gold 1:22:73- Try and get all the time boxes, and get all three masks. Don't
forget the running shoes!

Platinum 1:05:93- This is a pretty easy platinum relic. Just get all the boxes,
become invincible, and at the end just jump around the stack of nitros.
Actually, when I got my time I did not become invincible, my time is 1:00:70

Developer Time 0:58:66- A little too hard for me

Level 7: Hang'em High
Sapphire 1:24:00- Really easy. You don't have to become invincible for this

Gold 0:52:66- A bit harder, make sure to become invincible, and get most of
the time boxes.

Platinum 0:43:80- At the beginning stand along the first wood plank thing and
shoot the clock with the bazooka. Instead of jumping on the bouncy boxes, just
do a quick double jump onto the ledge. Then at the part when you encounter the
first thing with those pottery bowls slide it and make it hit the 1 sec. box,
then spin the 2 sec. box and jump off the first bouncy rug and hold down X and
do a spin at the very top to hit the 3 sec. box. I beat this level with 0:33:93,
beat the developer time

Developer Time 0:34:36- I know how to beat this! Use the same strategy as above
,then at the end when you see the green ! box and the gray ! box, spin the gray !
box and it will fill in the two wire framed boxes. The second wire framed box is
actually a hidden 1 second box!

Level 8: Hog Ride
Sapphire 0:45:00- Not too hard just get the wheelies if you can.

Gold 0:41:46- Get as many wheelies as you can and be sure to get all the time

Platinum 0:35:06- Kinda Hard. Wait at the beginning until all the cars are gone
and then go. But warning drive right until you see the clock and then stop, because
if you don't then it will disapear. The secret to getting platinum is you have to
hold the wheelie for the entire level! and of course get all the boxes.I got a
0:34:26 on this level.

Developer Time 0:33:96- It may look easy, but this is actually pretty hard to

Level 9: Tomb Time
Sapphire 1:42:00- Not too bad just try and get all three masks and don't take the
left path when you get to the fork in the level.

Gold 1:10:00- This is pretty easy it will be accomplished in zip,zoom,zap outta

Platinum 0:53:93- This might be the hardest platinum relic to get, just try not
to do very many double jumps and make sure you get invincibility...duh and don't
forget about the last 3 sec. time box suspended in the air, make sure you enough
invincibility left to get it. Also try cutting corners when you jump, it always
helps out. I have the first known beaten developer time now on this level which

Developer Time 0:50:63- This used to be my most hated despised level ever, and
within about an hour and a half I beat the developer time! wow pretty weird. You
can beat it too if you donate your $4.00 dollars now, if you order within the next
five minutes you'll also receive the platinum relic for Sphynxinator! Just call
(1-800-I'm a Loser cause I have to pay my way to beat the game!)

*call while supplies last, no money back gurantees, valid until never.
*warning may cause lower self-esteem, dumbness, and retardation.

Level 10: Midnight Run
Sapphire 0:53:00- You could probably make 10 mistakes on this level and still
get this relic. It has a huge margin of time for an error...or two.

Gold 0:38:23- Just run and get all the time boxes. I don't think you have to use
the speed boost but you can.

Platinum 0:18:20- This is the easiest level to get platinum on to me. If you know
all around...like me then this level is real easy. Make sure to get the very first
Aku Aku and use it to blast through stuff. Also use the strategy where you jump
instead of run.I got 0:13:43 here.

Developer Time 0:13:20- It might look really easy compared to my time but its not.
When I get the 1 and 2 second boxes under that hallway thing my time is 0:13:06
and every time I play it's always the same. It might seem easy because it's only
a few milliseconds off of my time but its a lot harder than you think.


Level 11: Dino Might!
Sapphire 1:34:00- Not too hard. Just get all the time boxes.

Gold 1:25:76- This is a bit harder, just watch out for those spinny fish things.

Platinum 1:03:00- My plan is too pull out the bazooka at the beginning and shoot
all that grass and the spinny fish, then shoot the clock behind you, then the rest
should be pretty easy. Oh, and you don't have to go on the t-rex, it waste time.
I beat this with 0:54:96  can you say developer time!

Developer Time 0:55:00- To be honest, I have no idea how I beat this, i beat it in
less than an hour though, when I started I wasn't even trying to beat the developer
time...i just did, I guess this level must be pretty easy then seriously.

Level 12: Deep Trouble
Sapphire 1:47:00- If you were pretty good at the first under water level, then this
shouldn't be too hard.

Gold 1:25:16- This is a little hard, if you aren't that good at the underwater
levels like me!

Platinum 1:18:36- Use the Aku masks to blast through the whirl pool things, it will
save a lot of time. I got 1:16:13 on this level.

Developer Time 1:00:46- This is the biggest amount of time from a platinum that the
developer's have. I have no clue how they got it...not a single clue.

Level 13: High Time
Sapphire 2:12:00- This is psycho. You could probably go and make yourself a sandwhich
come back and still beat it.

Gold 1:04:12- This is the last level that I got a gold on, and then I got platinum but
that's besides the point. This,to me is the hardest gold relic to get.If you time it
right everything will fall into place though. You should start running when the carpet
in the back is at its lowest point.

Platinum 0:56:96- I think Tomb Time is harder than this to be honest. But this is still
pretty hard. Use the same strategy as above and don't forget to shoot the clock to save
time. Also don't slow down for the guys who throw down the molotov cocktails anymore.
I have 0:47:13 here.

Developer Time 0:45:10- Go right when the carpet is at its lowest point and when you
reach the platform with the stack of boxes and a 3 sec. box jump off the bars quickly
and super spin everything, by now your time should be 16 seconds something. Plus make
sure you don't waste time waiting for the fires right after the monkey with the pots

Level 14: Road Crash
Sapphire 1:25:00- This is probably the hardest sapphire to get. It's not really that
hard though.

Gold 1:20:73- This requires more skill than sapphire obviously, but still isn't too hard.
This won't take long to acomplish.

Platinum 1:17:10- You have to hold the wheelies for as long as possible, but that's
pretty hard on this level. But you'll get it hopefully. This is the second to last level
that I got platinum on. I now have 1:14:70 which is developer time!

Developer Time 1:15:53- At the part where it has the turbo pad and a 1 sec. time box
right after it, drop your wheelie right after you get the time box cause it's impossible
to make the sharp turns holding a wheelie, then on the next turbo pad dodge the ramp and
the barrier thing and hold your wheelie all the way until you get to the time box in
between the two cop cars.

Level 15: Double Header
Sapphire 1:27:00- This shouldn't be too hard, but try to get all three masks.

Gold 1:21:16- Look up to find the answers.

Platinum 0:59:43- The is pretty easy just dodge your way between the enemies and
stuff, and at the part with the one sec. time box and the three sec. time box stacked
in the TNT's just jump and spin in the middle of both time boxes so you'll get them
both at the same time. Also stay on the sides, use the same strategy as Toad Village
and Gee Wiz. My time is 0:56:63, almost a developer time.

Developer Time 0:56:00- I'm almost there now.


Level 16: Sphynxinator
Sapphire 1:42:00- This is pretty easy, just don't get held up by the closing walls
for too long.

Gold 1:22:66- Try to time the closing walls so you don't get stuck. And don't forget
about the two 3 second boxes behind you at the beginning.

Platinum 0:56:70- Definetely time the closing walls, and stand by the boxes behind
you at the beginning then shoot the clock, but don't spin the boxes before the clock
goes off. Once you shoot the clock and spin the first two three sec. time boxes you
should have about up to 10 milliseconds at the most on your time, maybe even exactly
zero.I have 0:52:06 on this level.

Developer Time 0:50:63- You can't get stuck at all. Did you notice that this is the
same developer time as Tomb Time? and there both egyptian levels too! Pretty cool huh.

Level 17: Bye Bye Blimps
Sapphire 1:09:00- This is a little hard if you aren't used to the plane levels.

Gold 0:58:43- All you have to do is find a pattern for the blimps

Platinum 0:51:50- Follow your pattern, and accuracy helps a lot. Don't waste time
trying to shoot down one blimp when you could have already had two shot down. I
got a time of 0:46:40 on this level and this was my pattern.





                       start                 1.

Developer Time 0:38:63- You just have to find the best pattern, and have really
good  accuracy also.

Level 18: Tell no Tales
Sapphire 1:42:00- This is easy, just avoid things that can slow you down.

Gold 1:25:66- Get all the time boxes, and take the left path when the path
first splits up because it's quicker.

Platinum 1:05:26- At first this can be pretty hard, but don't worry you'll get it,
you can probably skip a 1 sec. time box but I'm not telling you too, you'll get
this is no time. I beat this with 1:01:33, yes it's a beaten developer time!

Developer Time 1:01:70- This developer time actually isn't very hard to beat,
but also don't take the hidden path where it has about 4 three sec. time boxes.
I know it seems tempting but it doesn't save as much time as you think, its faster
to just go the regular way. Also at the part where it has the aku mask, the two
sec. time box and the three sec. time box, make sure you already have an aku
mask before you get there and only get the two time boxes. Use your last
aku mask to blast through the bombs near the right of the ramp so you can
jump the other ramp straight ahead of you with the two sec. time box on it.

Level 19: Future Frenzy
Sapphire 2:01:00- You will beat this in no time, believe me

Gold 1:34:00- Just make sure to get all three masks, and watch out for the lasers

Platinum 1:19:66- To time it right, well not really time it but anyway at the
beginning when you see the row of two 1 sec. boxes and then the single 1 sec. box
only spin the row of two 1 sec. boxes and then all the lasers should be timed
correctly. Don't forget to shoot the clock with the bazooka to save time. I beat
this with a time of 1:13:93

Developer Time 1:07:47- No clue...

Level 20: Tomb Wader
Sapphire 2:44:00- This is the most time given to beat any level, so you could assume
it's pretty easy.

Gold 1:45:06- This isn't to hard, but to time it correctly you'll have to go when the
bug is at the far right.

Platinum 1:24:00- Start running when the bug is at the far right at the beginning,
and when you get to the part where the water rises and there's two TNT's placed in the
water, just do a double jump and super spin and by the time you're done the water will
be low enough sothat it doesn't kill you, and oh yeah definitely watch out for the
dudes with the shields that bounce you back.

Developer Time 1:11:16- This is definetly gonna take some practice.


Level 21: Gone Tomorrow
Sapphire 2:05:00- This is plenty of time, just don't waste tons of time trying to kill
those giant robots.

Gold 1:25:60- You can beat this really easy, but just don't waste any of your masks.
You can become invincible twice in this level.

Platinum 1:02:13- Okay, my plan is to shoot the clock at the beginning of course, and
when you get to the robots just jump around them! And make sure to get invincibility
twice. My time on this level is 0:55.10!!! which is a beaten developer time!

Developer Time 0:55:46- Just use the same strategy as above.

Level 22: Orange Asphalt
Sapphire 1:36:00- This isn't too hard just keep wheelies as long as you can.

Gold 1:31:30- Use same strategy above and get all the time boxes. This will be pretty
easy to beat

Platinum 1:21:80- Once you get the hang of this level it isn't very hard actually, on
some parts you'll have to stop the wheelies purposly, you'll know when...Also when you
get to the ramp with the giant pit over the road, you dogde the pit on the right, still
holding the wheelie. I have about 29 seconds at that point. Also at the part where there's
the turbo pad right after the ramp point, even though there's a sharp turn directly after
it, don't let go of the wheelie cause the turbo pad on the edge of the sharp turn will
transfer you to the left. My time on this level is 1:17:36!

Developer Time 1:16:70- I think I know how to get this actually...just make sharp turns
and stuff will save time.

Level 23: Flaming Passion
Sapphire 1:43:00- You shouldn't have too much trouble beating this.

Gold 1:13:10- This is harder but still not real hard, get all the time boxes, okay

Platinum 0:59:40- I don't think this is really hard.When you first start the level,
restart the trial, then it will go smooth, make sure to get invincibilit, Okay you are
about to hear the greatest beaten developer time ever!...(drumroll playing)  0:46:80!!!
yes that's right, exactly four seconds and 30 millisecs. better than developer time!
I can skip the 3 sec. time box and still beat the developer time.

Developer Time 0:51:10- You can beat this with or without getting invincibility actaully,
my best time without getting it is 0:47:10. On this level there are so many shortcuts you
can find. If the path is shaped like an L just cut the corner, also try and not do very
many double-jumps as possible. When I play this level I litteraly don't stop for anything,
I'm always running.

Level 24: Mad Bombers
Sapphire 2:08:00- This is plenty of time to beat it with. Just use pretty good

Gold 1:55:23- Try and follow a pattern and do barrel rolls to avoid the enemies

Platinum 1:38:16- Most people think this is really hard, but I think it's easy. All
you have to do is definetely have a pattern, good accuracy and some barrel rolls.
I really like the plane levels. I beat this with 1:33:06

Developer Time 1:24:10- I almost beat this one time then I accidently made one small
mistake and ended up not beating it. But I know a pattern on how to beat it, but it's
complicated so I'm not going to explain how.

Level 25: Bug Lite
Sapphire 1:49:00- If you get stuck behind the walls for a little bit of time don't worry
it won't matter, and try to get all three masks.

Gold 1:34:86- This is really easy, just use the same strategy as above. But you must get
all three masks.

Platinum 1:14:93- I actually got this on my first try, so obviously it shouldn't be too
hard. I got this with 1:09:03. I'm trying for the developer time.

Developer Time 1:08:00- This isn't really impossible to get, just make sure you don't
get stuck behind the closing walls at all.


Guess what, when you get your first 5 relics a platform in the middle of the warp areas
will rise. If you hop on the platform you will go to Warp Room 6 containing 3 more
levels and the add-ons to Hang'em High and Future Frenzy. After you get the five relics
it requires another five to get to every other level after that.

Level 26: Ski Crazed
Sapphire 1:16:00- This is definetly more than enough time to beat this in.

Gold 0:50:50- Blast through the bombs with the Aku masks to save time.

Platinum 0:33:33- If you have more than the platinum time when you hit the 3 time
boxes huddled in between the bombs, then hit restart. The clock is frozen for the
entire last half of the level after that point. At the point when there's the two
ramps, one facing north and the other facing west. The 1 and 2 second boxes are
facing from the west ramp, so you would normally slow down to face left. But you
don't have to slow down. Just keep on riding forward then make a sharp turn left
and jump off the ramp and get the boxes. At that point I usually have about 0:16:20.
Also right at the beginning you can either turn staright left or go forward where there
will be a ramp with a time box at the end of it, it's actually faster if you just
stick to the left though. My time is now 0:28:50!!! Yes, beaten developer time!

Developer Time 0:28:63- P.S. Did you know that the red and yellow orb things that are
a shield are hollow, you can ride straight through them, it will save some time believe
me. I have now beaten this time, it isn't very hard to beat actually. Just make sure at
the part where it has the two 2 sec. time boxes right on top of the ramp to get them both
it's kinda hard but it can be done.

Level 27: Hang'em High

This is just to get the yellow gem. For the time trial read level 7

Level 28: Area 51?
Sapphire 1:53:00- This isn't too hard, just try it.

Gold 1:49:83- This will be obliterted in no time at, just don't try to skip many
time boxes.

Platinum 1:44:50- This will take a little more skill, you have to get all the time
boxes here, and also keep the wheelies as long as possible. I got a time of 1:42:46
in heah!

Developer Time 1:38:96- The thing to beating this is the second turbo pad on this
level, you'll have to swerve around the pit and not jump the ramp still keeping the

Level 29: Future Frenzy

This is just to get the second clear gem. Time trial is on level 19

Level 30: Rings of Power
Sapphire 1:20:00- This is plenty of time, you can hit square when you enter the rings
to give you a speed boost.

Gold 1:01:46- You should get this pretty soon, you only have to hit the tip of the
ring for it to count.

Platinum 0:51:76- Make sure to hit square when you go through the rings. Try to keep
the trail purple throughout the whole level. I got this with 0:50:53

Developer Time 0:47:93- This is sick...just sick I mean? How can they do this?


There are only two secret levels in the game. Hot Coco is accsesed through Road
Crash. Hit the alien sign and you will be transported to it. Eggipus Rex is accsesed
through Dino Might! Make sure to get rid of your Aku masks though, okay go on the
yellow gem path and let the second plerydactyl take you and you'll be transported
right to it. Also platinum relics are automatic in these levels. Cool huh?

NOTE* A few people have e-mailed me about the automatic platinum relics on these two
levels, sometimes you get sapphire, gold, but most people get an automatic platinum.
I think there's a bug here.

Level 31: Hot Coco


Platinum- Automatic . You have to play the level clockwise from when you begin, believe
me you'll find the pattern I'm talking about. My time here is 0:18:53

Developer Time 0:14:60- Same strategy as above, and make sure you don't skip any of the
time boxes from the pattern definetly. Also I think they might have found a different
pattern  for this.

Level 32: Eggipus Rex


Platinum- Automatic . My time is 0:43:80. I have my own strategy, Get on the t-rex
and put him right at the beggining of the second ledge, then stand at the end of the
first ledge and shoot the clock with the bazooka, then right as you shoot it jump
one time don't double jump and land on the t-rex.

Developer Time 0:41:10- You have to find some kinda shortcut or something I think.



спасибо! кстати, я до сих пор не разу за примерно 5 лет игры в крешей, не проходил нормально бонус на том уровне где все время надо бегать с светлячком и часто брать нового, а то будет темно и ничего не увидишь. Вот прикинь, не разу! То есть в итоге я не собирал на том уровне все ящики, и не разу не проходил игру полностью........ Вот именно из-за этого бонуса.



Да, помнится мне это был страаашный уровень... Но я всё-таки его проходил... и не раз  :)



я уже пытался так сказать, наощюпь, пострелять из базуки в темноту, сбивал при этом ящики, но самих ям я все равно не вижу, вот и падаю вниз.



На эмуляторе все проще - всегда есть Quick Save, и контрастность можно вдвое повысить... Все видно, как на ладони. :)



спасиб за подсказку на счет контрастности!!!!!!   :)



Бывалый читер везде дыры найдет... Вот помню, как убирал все затемненые углы в Wolfenstein'е, сменяя стиль прорисовки на vertex... Не туда понесло. :)



народ возьмите в компанию :)

оч хочу к вам но незнаю где можно скачать "Crash Bandicoot 3 - Warped"

может кто поможет )



Вобщето эта игра на PSone!  :)



ну я вообще про Емулль на PS1 и саму игруфку :)



князь УКА-УКА написал(а):

Вобщето эта игра на PSone!  :)

А их скачивать нельзя?
OLEGYS завтра дам ссылку!!! Я знаю форум хороший... Там наверняка есть...



хы :) пасиба буду ждать ...



http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8NN74Z63 (110мб) - держи! Ссылка с сайта http://psxworld.fanforum.ru...



Nitrous спасибо тебе огромное :) чесное слово никогда так не отдыхал :)



Всегда пожалуйста!



Наконец-то я его прошёл на 105%!!! НО! Написано, что в секретных левелах (31, 32) только платина! Я 32 левел с золотом прошёл!
З.Ы. Выражаю благодарность Warped'у! За помощь в нахождении секрета!

Отредактировано Nitrous (2007-02-16 08:31:14)



А что выше платины ? :))



Выше платины ничего нет.




Выше платины рекорд разаботчиков.



Выложил призовые ролики после каждого босса в японской версии игры на сайт.